PMH Associates, Inc.

About Us

People Are Our Strength

PMH Associates, Inc. is committed to providing the best solutions to our clients’ programs. Our unique blend of a cooperative and interactive work environment provides practical, viable and buildable solutions.

Engineering Distinctions

To effectively service our clients, PMH Associates maintains licensing in multiple jurisdictions in several engineering disciplines and maintains prequalifications for Government Agencies as required.

We have distinguished ourselves as a client oriented provider of quality engineering services. To best serve our clients we maintain registrations and licensure in several states and prequalification with various state and federal agencies. With each state licensed engineer the engineer maintains national registration with the NCEES. The following is a constantly expanding list of the state licenses and prequalification we maintain:

STATE, District and Territory LICENSES:

(M) Mechanical (E) Electrical (FP) Fire Protection

Alabama (M,E)
Arizona (M,E)
Arkansas (M)
California (M,E)
Colorado (M,E)
Connecticut (M,E)
Delaware (M,E)
District of Columbia (M,E,FP)
Florida (M,E)
Georgia (M,E)
Hawaii (M,E)
Idaho (M,E)
Illinois (M,E)
Indiana (M,E)
Iowa (M,E)
Kansas (M,E)
Kentucky (M,E)
Louisiana (M,E)
Maine (M,E)
Maryland (M,E)
Massachusetts (M,E)
Michigan (M,E)
Minnesota (M,E)
Mississippi (M,E)
Missouri (M,E)
Montana (M,E)
Nevada (M,E)
Nebraska (M,E)

New Hampshire (M,E)
New Jersey (M,E)
New Mexico (M,E)
New York (M,E)
North Carolina (M,E)
North Dakota (M,E)
Ohio (M,E)
Oklahoma (M,E)
Oregon (M,E)
Pennsylvania (M,E)
Rhode Island (M,E)
South Carolina (M,E)
South Dakota (M,E)
Tennessee (M,E)
Texas (M,E)
Utah (M,E)
Vermont (M,E)
Virginia (M,E,S)
Washington (M,E)
West Virginia (M,E)
Wisconsin (M,E)
Wyoming (M,E)


Alberta (M,E)
British Columbia (M,E)
Manitoba (M,E)
Ontario (M,E)
Saskatchewan (M,E)

Engineering Services

PMH Associates, Inc. offers Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Engineering and Design Services to architects, other engineers, contractors, insurance underwriters, and facility owners. Our mission is to provide engineering services with the highest level of quality and expertise available in a timely and ethical manner. Following is a summary of the services offered:



Basic Services are available for one or more of the traditional documentation phases described below:

Existing Conditions/Studies/Schematic Design
Analysis of existing conditions, availability of required utilities, suitability of system types, effects of use change, and probable cost of construction

Design Development
Load analysis, system type alternatives, utility selection, system sizing and design, structural system schemes, location of equipment on plans and updates of probable cost of construction

Construction Documents
Completion of detailed drawings and specifications for the bidding process

Contract Administration
Review of vendor submissions and shop drawings, periodic visits to the site, punch list and closeout document review

Engineering Additional Services

Going beyond the basic Engineering Services, PMH Associates, Inc. conducts forensic, analytical and management services in Architectural Engineering, Process Design and Forensic Analysis. See these additional offerings: Additional Services